justify 1 vindicate, defend, *maintain, assert
Analogous words: *prove, demonstrate: *support, uphold, back
Contrasted words: *disprove, refute, confute
2 account, rationalize, *explain
Analogous words: *excuse, condone: *exculpate, exonerate, absolve, acquit, vindicate: extenuate, gloze, gloss, whitewash, *palliate
Contrasted words: incriminate, indict, arraign, *accuse: condemn, denounce, blame (see CRITICIZE)
3 Justify, warrant are comparable when meaning to be the thing (as evidence, a circumstance, a situation, or a state of affairs) that constitutes sufficient grounds for doing, saying, using, or believing something.
Justify may be preferred when the stress is on providing grounds that satisfy conscience as well as reason, and usually refers to an action that, unjustified, would be looked upon with disapproval

no consideration on earth justifies a parent in telling lies to his child— Russell


I remember a very tenderhearted judge being of opinion that closing a hatch to stop a fire and the destruction of a cargo was justified even if it was known that doing so would stifle a man below— Justice Holmes


Locke justified the right of revolution— W. S. Myers


Batista justified his seizure of power on the grounds of an alleged conspiracy by the government to control the elections— Americana Annual

Warrant is especially appropriate (see also ASSERT 1) when the emphasis is on something that requires an explanation or reason rather than an excuse and suggests support by authority, precedent, experience, or logic

the deposits contain too high a percentage of sulfur to warrant development— Wythe


the history and appearance clearly warrant such assumption— Armstrong


a shorter course is designed for students whose graduate study and experience warrant it— Smith College: The President's Report 1952-1953

Analogous words: allow, permit (see LET): sanction (see APPROVE): *authorize

New Dictionary of Synonyms. 2014.


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